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AF Systems is the leading Italian company in the development and distribution of innovative solutions for a complete passive fire protection.

AF Systems technologies protect against the spread of fire by sealing electric cables' passages, water pipes and ventilation ducts and by installing fire-rated barriers/other proprietary systems that enable the compartmentalization of the premises. An efficient compartmentalization confines fire into small areas for a certain amount of time (120' or 180'), thus ensuring the continuity of operations, reducing property damages and providing valuable time for the evacuation of the buildings.

All products are endowed with international certifications complying with European Standards EN 1366. Over 20 integrated product certifications accounting for over 140 certified applications are able to cover all the most common and technologically relevant cases encountered in the practice.

In addition to its array of products AF Systems distributes special anti-fire paints, calcium silicate boards and other specific items that complement its offer. Should you need customized support, AF Systems Technical Service will help you address specific problems and requests.

Recent works



Technical Seminar - 13 02 2020

New appointment in the Capital with our technical training seminars.

Next stop: Rome!


ETA certification: AF Sleeve, fire-rated wrap for combustible pipe penetrations

This certification adds a new element to the framework of products covered by voluntary ETA certification!


Next Technical Seminar in Pescara

Tomorrow the appointment is in Pescara with the technical seminar on "The design and implementation choices for organic fire protection solutions,
framed in the context of national and international standards".


AF Brick is coming!

AF BRICK: firestop brick for mechanical and electrical system crossings.
Class EI 120 (UNI EN 1366-3)


And after Safety Expo 2019 we are ready for #ExpoEdifica2019!

And after Safety Expo 2019 we are ready for #ExpoEdifica2019! From 2 to 5 October 2019 to Espacio Riesco, Santiago de Chile.


New ETA certification: AF Multicollar

We are pleased to inform you that AF Systems has obtained a new wider ETA certification for AF Multicollar that extends the scope of the previous version thanks to the inclusion of the results of n.6 new dedicated tests.



Technical Workshop @Safety Expo 2019

Schedule our technical seminar on Thursday 19 September starting at 09.30 in the "Seminario 3" room!
Free entry.



AF Systems is sponsor of #SafetyExpo2019

Once again, AF Systems is sponsor of #SafetyExpo2019, the most important Italian event in the field of fire prevention and safety at work.


ETA certification: AF JOINT, fire protection for expansion joints

AF Systems obtained the ETA certification for AF JOINT, our solution for fire protection of expansion joints.


ETA certification: AF SEISMIC JOINT, fire protection for expansion joints with movement

We are pleased to inform you that AF Systems has obtained the ETA certification for AF SEISMIC JOINT, our solution for fire protection of expansion joints with movement.

AF SEISMIC JOINT is a mat easy to install, particularly suitable when large movements of the support are provided (wall/floor), as in the case of very high buildings or for application in areas with seismic risk.


AF BAGS, the most efficient fire barrier for cable drag platforms

The passage of electrical cables is one of the most critical points for the subdivision of buildings due to the high risk of ignition. Short circuits and current overloads, failure of the conductors or connecting terminals can generate severe overheating and wear out or“switch on”the insulation layers of the cables.

Read more... is finally online!

The increasing attention to the risks of smoke diffusion on one side and new possibilities of remote control of safety devices through I.o.T. (Internet of Things), on the other hand, in recent years have driven our company to enhance its investments in the field of smoke free escape route.



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