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معبر الأنظمة

أنظمة لحماية الفتحات التي تسمح بمرور الكابلات الكهربائية وأنابيب المياه والتهوية من الحريق تتوفر على الشهادات الازمة و المتوافقة مع المعايير الأوروبية 

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الفتحات و فواصل التمدد

أنظمة للحماية السلبية من الحريق على مستوى الفتحات و فواصل التمدد وفقا مع ما تحث عليه المعايير الأوروبية

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معدات السلامة عند الضغط العالي

معدات السلامة عند الضغط العالي تتوفر على الشهادات الازمة و المتطابقة مع القرار الوزاري الصادر يوم 30 شتنبر لعام 1983

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حماية العناصر الهيكلية و الأنظمة الأخرى

حماية العناصر الهيكلية، معدات لإعادة تأهيل للوقاية من الحريق على مستوى الأسقف المستعارة و أنظمة أخرى 

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آخر الأخبار


Live Webinar AF Systems - 20 03 2020

Theme >> Fire resistance tests for service supply systems (EN 1366-1,3,4). Smoke-proof filter spaces.

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AF Brick: AF Systems' new fireproof brick

The ideal choice for a simple, quick and absolutely clean installation.

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Suspended the technical seminars of 25-27 February and 5 March

[AF Systems announces that… ] - As a precaution, the technical training seminars of 25 and 27 February and 5 March are suspended. They will be rescheduled pending further guidance from regional and national competent authorities.

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Technical Seminar - 13 02 2020

New appointment in the Capital with our technical training seminars.

Next stop: Rome!

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ETA certification: AF Sleeve, fire-rated wrap for combustible pipe penetrations

This certification adds a new element to the framework of products covered by voluntary ETA certification!

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Next Technical Seminar in Pescara

Tomorrow the appointment is in Pescara with the technical seminar on "The design and implementation choices for organic fire protection solutions,
framed in the context of national and international standards".

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AF Brick is coming!

AF BRICK: firestop brick for mechanical and electrical system crossings.
Class EI 120 (UNI EN 1366-3)

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And after Safety Expo 2019 we are ready for #ExpoEdifica2019!

And after Safety Expo 2019 we are ready for #ExpoEdifica2019! From 2 to 5 October 2019 to Espacio Riesco, Santiago de Chile.

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New ETA certification: AF Multicollar

We are pleased to inform you that AF Systems has obtained a new wider ETA certification for AF Multicollar that extends the scope of the previous version thanks to the inclusion of the results of n.6 new dedicated tests.


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Technical Workshop @Safety Expo 2019

Schedule our technical seminar on Thursday 19 September starting at 09.30 in the "Seminario 3" room!
Free entry.


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AF Systems is sponsor of #SafetyExpo2019

Once again, AF Systems is sponsor of #SafetyExpo2019, the most important Italian event in the field of fire prevention and safety at work.

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ETA certification: AF JOINT, fire protection for expansion joints

AF Systems obtained the ETA certification for AF JOINT, our solution for fire protection of expansion joints.

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