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AF BAGS, the most efficient fire barrier for cable drag platforms


The passage of electrical cables is one of the most critical points for the subdivision of buildings due to the high risk of ignition. Short circuits and current overloads, failure of the conductors or connecting terminals can generate severe overheating and wear out or switch on the insulation layers of the cables.

In such circumstances, to prevent the fire from spreading from the source compartment to adjacent areas, it is essential to create a barrier at all points where the cables cross the perimeter horizontally or vertically of a fire-fighting compartment

A simple, quick and complete solution: AF BAGS

There are several solutions to protect cable trays from the risk of fire propagation: bags, bricks, foams, sheets, panels and sleeves are just some of the alternatives.

In this context the AF BAGS bags are the most manageable solution, ideal for a simple, quick and extremely clean installation.

Bags are commonly used to make permanent or temporary insulation inside walls and ceilings, thus representing one of our most flexible solutions easy to remove and to relocate during the execution of maintenance and/or upgrading of the power grid (for example, a renovation).

The product contains both intumescent and ablative elements, allowing to achieve a fire protection extremely efficient, without the need to add complementary products.

A unique product with a sealing depth of only 120 mm

Thanks to the high concentration of insulating, thermo-expanding and ablative components, the AF BAGS allows to realize a sealing EI 120/EI 180, orienting the “short side” 120 mm parallel to the direction of the walls or slabs crossed. In this way you can use the“side along” (up to 300 mm) to occlude the cross section of the crossing with a considerable saving on the number of bags necessary to carry out the subdivision. The solution is also suitable for supports with thin thicknesses: it is not necessary to square the crossing locally to increase the thickness.


…no accessories required: only AF BAGS!

The AF BAGS fire-retardant compartment system does not require complementary products: the material with which it is composed, eliminates the need to paint near the external surface of cables with fire-resistant paints, a method commonly used for this type of sealing system.

The certifications

Maximum level of European certifications: