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ETA certification: AF JOINT, fire protection for expansion joints

We are pleased to inform you that AF Systems has obtained the ETA certification for AF JOINT, our solution for fire protection of expansion joints.

AF JOINT is a linear joint seal consisting of a stone wool panel with oriented mineral fibers and a surface coating of ablative painting on both sides.

The fire resistance is EI 180 wall and floor according to EN 13501-2. The tests have been carried out according to EN 1366-4.

It can be applied to cover wall and floor joints by a slight compression of up to 10% of the thickness of the product inside the gap.

The special coating, if exposed to temperatures greater than 180°C, releases water vapour thanks to its ablative capacity thus allowing the material to resist the fire conditions.

The product is marketed in the following nominal sizes:

with possibility on request to produce the desired size up to a maximum certified width of 600mm.

AF JOINT is certified with maximum permissible movement of 7.5% of the nominal width, for covering joints up to 200 mm without the aid of any additional product and up to 600 mm with the addition of AF SEAL W, Our fire-resistant acrylic sealant applied to the joints.

AF JOINT meets the requirements for use of category Y1, having a certificate to be used at temperatures between -20° and 70°C, with exposure to ultraviolet rays and in environments with high humidity (max 85%).

To obtain the ETA certification of AF JOINT, please send an email to