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New AF Systems BIM library available on request!

With the coming of new design methodologies, AF SYSTEMS keeps up with the times. We are proud to announce that its product information is now avaliable also in BIM (Building Information Modeling) format.

Designing in BIM enables engineers and architects to work with virtual objects containing information regarding the entire life cycle of a work, from the initial project to the final construction, and even until its demolition and disposal.

Thanks to the BIM methodology the building is "built" before its physical realization by means of a virtual model.

BIM is therefore not a product or a software but a "container of information on the building" in which to insert graphic data (such as drawings) and specific technical attributes (such as technical data sheets and characteristics) also relating to the expected life cycle.

The three-dimensional model therefore contains information regarding volume and dimensions, material, appearance, technical characteristics that are not lost in communication to other studies and other computer platforms.

BIM technology offers multiple advantages such as: greater efficiency and productivity, fewer errors, less downtime, less costs, greater interoperability, maximum sharing of information, more precise and consistent control of the project.

To preview our range, you can request information from the technical-commercial office by writing to the e-mail address: /