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Penetration seal in double-slab wall

Light partition walls, consisting of dry structures - plasterboard walls or prefabricated elements - are increasingly common in the renovation of internal spaces due to their reduced installation times and flexibility. The supporting structure - made with “C” metal uprights - and the absence of materials that need consolidation, in fact allows considerable practical advantages both during installation and in the event of any dismantling and relocation of the structures.

Another frequent case of application of light walls is that of the cavities specifically provided for the passage of thecnical installations between different levels of a building. In these situations a dry solution is often preferred with respect to rigid constructive solutions due to the smaller spaces occupied and the greater ease of post-installation interventions.
To meet the fire retrofitting needs of dry structures with such reduced thickness (generally 5 cm), AF Systems has certified its firestop systems also on a wall consisting of a double plasterboard slab with a total thickness of 5 cm.

The systems were tested according to the EN 1366-3 standard. According to our tests it is possibile to  realize a fire-rated compartment on light walls with EI 120 protection degree even in the presence of pipes, shutters and cable trays.

The penetration seals are certified even in absence of a direct support on which to apply the products. In these cases, the integrity of the wall is restored through the application of a double rockwool slab ("AF Panel") already coated with a white protective ablative on both faces. Depending on the element passing through the panel, it is associated with products dedicated to the sealing of thermo-deformable pipes (AF Collar), cables (AF Bags), insulated metal pipes and multilayer pipes (AF Sleeve B5).
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