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APR is finally online! is finally online!

In recent years the increasing attention to the risks of smoke diffusion and the new technologies available for the remote control of safety devices have driven our company to enhance its investments in the field of smoke-free escape routes.

Today we announce the launch of a new website dedicated to the pressurization systems, with clearer graphics and content to make the different models immediately available and comparable:
On our site - at the moment available only in Italian - you will find all the details of the new range of "J-Series" pressurizers launched during the last edition of the national fair: Safety Expo 2018.

The new "J-Series" devices are embedded with a digital display that conveys essential information on the functionalities, the anomalies of the systems (or of the electrical network).
Furthermore data transmission is realized via the I.o.T. (Intenet of Things) networks allowing remote control of installed pressurization systems.
In the event of an anomaly, the device will send an alarm message to the email of a list of specified end-users (installers, people in charge of the maintenance)  A portal dedicated to machine control will also facilitate the monitoring of the main operating parameters of all installed devices.
In addition to all the information on our pressurization devices, the new website makes it easier to engage with our support services. You will find these innovations and much more on our new website