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زعيمة في ميدان

الحماية السلبية من الحريق

41-­43  أيئيف سيستمز، شارع جينر  

مولزانو (مقاطعة لودي)26837

01159730330 رقم التعريف الضريبي

 0039 02.988.79.35, 


Technical Seminar in Bari

AF Systems organizes on June the 27th 2017, in collaboration with the Board of Engineers of the Province of Bari, a technical seminal on passive fire protection.

The topics that will be dealt with are the following

Part 1: 

- The protection of service installation passages (EN 1366-3) and expansion joints (EN 1366-4)

- The protection of ventilation ducts (EN 1366-1) and escape routes spaces

Part 2:

- The passive fire protection of steel and concrete structures (EN 13381-3/4)