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ETA on fire-rated collars AF COLLAR

We are happy to announce you that we obtained the ETA certification for the firestop collars AF COLLAR designed to grant EI 120/180 to walls and floors passed through by combustible pipes, insulated metal pipes, corrugated pipes, and bundles of electric cables.

AF Systens is the first and unique Italian company that obtained this type of certifications on penetration seals.

The "European Technical Assesment", known as "ETA", is a certification that gather all classification reports of a product; not only fire resistance tests but also tests regarding the durability, identification of the chemical-physical characteristics and possible other properties such as materials' fire reaction. This "assemble" is done through specialized bodies called TABs (Technical Assesment Bodies) and examined for each EOTA type application, the organization that unites all TABs in Europe.

Within the service installations compartmentalization, obtaining this type of certification represents a necessary passage for the companies that decide to obtain the CE marking of its products eventhough is still optional.

In order to get the ETA certification regarding the firestop collars AF COLLAR, send us an email at