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AF Systems introduces its new AF GRAPHIT FOAM.

AF GRAPHIT FOAM is the company's most versatile and technically advanced fire-rated foam. Its limited expansion during application qualifies it as a good solution for plasterboard walls (no problems of product dispersion inside the wall). 

The product has been reengineered and it's now available in its new format with two parallel cylinders that mix with one another during extrusion. It has been recertified on flexible walls to grant EI 120 protection to electric cables, plastic pipes and multilayer pipes to any wall with width above 125mm. 

The substantial changes that separate it from its previous version enabled also a substantial price rebate: today we offer it at a very competitive price 49.90 €/unit (public pricelist). 

Note: To extrude the product it is required to use a special cartdrige gun (pricelist € 96,00/unit).