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Participation to the Trade Fair of Fire Prevention - Bergamo 2016

AF Systems wil participate to the Trade Fair of Fire Prevention, that will be held in Bergamo, to present its new products such as AF Seismic Joint (protection against fire for joints with mouvement) and AF M800 (overpressure device with a flow of 4350 mc/h).

We are glad to invite you, on thursday september the 22th (at 12:05), to our technical seminar on overpressure systems for smoke filter areas and on seals for expansion joints subject to movement.

The overpressure devices AF Systems combine new automated instruments for the maintenance and control (ex: self-regulating flow fan according to the pressure  measured in real time) and flexible seals with ad hoc tests on circular ducts (EN 1366-1).

The new elements AF Seismic Joint (EN 1366-4) are able to satisfy to the structural requirements of expansion joints subject to movement present in high risk areas and to the requirements of the fire protection profesional in the field of compartimentation.