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New EI 120 protection AF Seismic Joint for joints subject to high movements

The protection of structural joints is generally carried out with rigid or semi-rigid materials. The effectiveness of these systems, however, may be affected in case of an earthquake. Although the legislation does not provide for simultaneous a earthquake and fire, in areas with a high risk of earthquakes, it is necessary to design systems that can remain in place even during and after shock and vibrations.

After several years of study and experimentation in collaboration with several European institutions, AF Systems is proud to bring AF Seismic Joint on the market, which is as far as we know, the only solution tested for joints with a nominal amplitude and with a movement of +/- 50% movement according to the standard EN 1366-4.

The protection is made of a flexible rock-wool mat of 6 cm and is able to remain perfectly in position with its compression / expansion even in presence of moving joints. The mat is treated with an ablative compound that emits water in case of high temperatures and that manages to reduce the temperature of the insulating material.