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New ETA certification: AF Multicollar

We are pleased to inform you that AF Systems has obtained a new wider ETA certification for AF Multicollar that extends the scope of the previous version thanks to the inclusion of the results of n.6 new dedicated tests.

Next to the crossing of thermo deformable pipes of the most common plastics
(PVC - PP - PE…) the new ETA also covers:


The fire resistance is EI120/EI180 on the wall and EI180 on the floor according to EN 13501-2. The tests have been carried out according to EN 1366-3.

The product is marketed for fuel-thermo deformable pipes up to 250mm diameter and for the covering of insulated metal pipes up to dim. 320mm (200mm diameter metal pipe and 60mm thick insulation material).

Technical description AF Multicollar:

AF MULTICOLLAR meets the requirements of use of category Y2 having a certificate of durability that guarantees its suitability in extreme conditions: temperatures between -20° and 70°C and environments with high humidity up to 85%.

To obtain the new ETA certification of AF MULTICOLLAR please send an email to