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Openings and expansion joints

Fire compartmentalization blocks in case of fire all void spaces that connect one compartment to another. By blocking all routes of propagation of flames and hot smoke, it becomes possible to limit the fire to the area where it started. In this context, the adoption of sealing systems of openings and expansion joints represents, in many aspects, a major challenge in the field of fire safety’s engineering.

It is a challenge, first of all, because of the large number of cases that arise. In any construction site, the geometry of openings changes a lot depending on the type considered. The standards include all the openings (whether there are partially or completely empty). Moreover, they could include all the holes created in order to enable the passage of service installations or all the holes left by tie rods of the formwork or by other planned interventions and those also not foreseen during the design phase.

Furthermore, it is a challenge due to the need to preserve the function of separation of the opening or the joint. Take the case of expansion joints and their role in limiting the effects of small deformations and structural movements. The need to reconcile this function to the requirements of passive fire protection makes it difficult to insert traditional fire barriers (such as insulation calcium silicate slabs).

Through its range of fireproofing solutions for openings and joints, AF Systems wants to give a specific answer to these problems.

In order to cope with the variety of shapes and sizes of openings and joints, the company has relied on the flexibility and adaptability of its own systems. It is actually the case for AF Panel and AF Joint (two mineral wool pretreated products) that can be shaped and cut with a simple cutter directly on the construction site and installed without any particular need for an outer support structure.

To address the specificity of the function performed by the opening/joint, AF Systems has developed, for instance, solutions that can be compressed (i.e. AF Joint) or easy removable solutions (i.e. AF Masa) and also for the cases in which the opening may then be used for the passage of electrical cables and other service installations.

Alongside these systems, AF Systems has recently certified several specific solutions for small holes and openings that include a wide range of sealants and fireproofing foams and innovative solutions for specific applications such as sealing the formwork rods with intumescent stripes AF Sleeve B3.