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Protection of escape routes

The first objective of firefighting, whether it is active or passive, is always to save lives. The ability to guarantee safe escape routes, free from hot smoke and combustible gases, is a central element in the design of fireproofing solutions.

AF Systems, with its range of pressurization systems is a key partner for securing smoke filter spaces. Through the generation of an over-pressure of more than 30 Pa in the access space to fire escapes, the line AF M500 is able to prevent that smoke and combustible gases invade the escape routes as required by the Ministerial Decree of 30/11/1983.

The range is complemented with the fireproofing mat AF Fireguard 3, that protects against fire metal ducts of air supply and prevents their collapse when a fire comes to happen.

The protection of smoke filters is only one of the tools to protect exit routes. This is the reason why AF Systems, alongside its range of pressurizers, distributes a line of smoke and heat extractors and assists the designer in defining the flow rates and pressures in conformity with the design standard EN 9494-2.


AF M500
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